We Help Health Professionals Scale Smart Online Coaching Businesses

... so they can serve more clients, make more money and have massive impact

Discover how we are helping Health Coaches add an extra $200k to $300k a year with just 1 Transformational Offer and 1 Client Attraction System

We help Naturopaths, Functional Medicine Doctors, Chiropractors, Therapists, Nutritionists and Health Coaches who want to escape the trap of trading time for money or working in a clinic. We help them by building a virtual practice that can exponentially increase their impact while also providing them with more money, time, and freedom.

We help them through this transition with our world class coaching coupled with our proven systems, processes, frameworks and tools that make attracting dream clients and growing an online business not only achievable but predictable.

The change we want to make in the industry and in the world is to help practitioners and coaches stand in their power, earn based on the value they provide, not their time, so that they can create smarter, more profitable businesses that heal their clients on a deep, transformational level.

We know that we will have been successful when our clients have the financial resources and systems in place to live life on their terms, serve in a greater capacity and generate $30k+ per month doing meaningful and inspiring work that they love and fills their soul.

We help rebel therapists, healers and coaches who want to escape the trap of trading time for money and build a virtual practice that helps them to create more meaning, money and freedom.

By helping therapists build smart businesses that allow them to serve more people we aim to serve 1000 Therapists and coaches over the next 5 years who in turn impact and help heal the lives of 1 Million people on the planet.

What is Soulful Sales and How Can It Help You?

Soulful Sales is a Business coaching meets Conscious Marketing Agency type of company who works with Experts, Practitioners, Coaches and Wellness Professionals who want to build a thriving online practice.

We help you become location-independent, cultivate deeper meaning in your work, and generate more cashflow and lifestyle freedom.

Soulful Sales Company was founded by Dan Harrison, a former CFP (finance) who is married to a therapist. After building and selling his own service-based, virtual practice as a financial planner and small business consultant in 2019, Dan shifted his focus to serving Practitioners and Health Coaches.

Now, he is a business mentor for experts, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, physical therapists, coaches, healers and helpers who feel trapped trading their time for money, and don’t have a consistent way of attracting new clients without burning out.

He helps them build and grow successful practices online, by implementing systems and structures that serve as a container for the work they do with clients.

Sound Familiar?

You’re excited at the idea of launching your business… But anxious about being able to earn enough money on your own and may feel insecure about stepping into being a full time coach and entrepreneur... so it remains a side hustle.


You want a business that you love, doing work you’re great at, that can be online, automated, scale and ultimately provide you with passive streams of income so you can have more free time.. But don’t know where to even start


You know you're awesome at what you do, you're a legit expert, have all the certifications and experience and have even helped people get real results … and you’re still undercharging and undervaluing yourself and your offer (and you know it!).

Or Maybe....

you started off thinking that launching an online business would be easy... But that changed pretty quickly as you became aware of all the tools, steps, information and different ways to build an online business and are now struggling to put it all together, including your sales funnels.

And now you’re left feeling more confused than ever before and frustrated because you aren’t sure what to focus on, who to listen to, are not earning enough money and get instantly overwhelmed at the thought of having to “put yourself out there” every day on social media or doing all the work to get your website, funnels, emails and automations actually up and running …

when all you really want to do is work with your clients and make an impact in their lives. Ya?

The Good News ...

Building an Online Coaching Business Does Not Have To Be So Hard

(Or Confusing or Complicated)

I learned this the hard way but you definitely don't have to. The sooner you realize there are only 3 things you need to focus on and incrementally improve upon every week in order to build a successful and sustainable business as a new coach or consultant the quicker you are going to be able to stop spinning your tires and start hitting consistent $10k Months.

The only 3 things

You must focus on to hit $100k/year

1. Being excellent at what you do and serving your clients well so you can charge premium prices. ($2k+)

2. Creating a good lead generating system that generates consistent prospects and opportunities every day.

3. Learning the art of Social Selling and converting those warm prospects into raving fans and paying clients

(1 client per week at $2k per client is $104,000/year.)

The only 3 things

Hitting $10k/months is not easy.

But it is simple.

We help Experts & Coaches master 3 key pillars of a thriving Virtual Practice:

Clarify Offer: Develop your own unique HIGH-VALUE Offer, that serves clients in a deeply healing and meaningful way.

Create Systems: Implement the A.V.O.C.A.D.O. Method™ and simple systems to leverage your time and create more lifestyle freedom.

Convert Sales: Learn the art and science of S.O.U.L.F.U.L. Selling the high-paying skill set that allows you to write your own pay checks and make more money.

Mastering these three principles will give you the freedom to do what you’re good at—truly helping people—because the business stuff will be taken care of. You’ll have more confidence and clarity in your work, and less overwhelm, stress, and inconsistency. You’ll have more resources (time and money) to spend in ways that matter to you, and you can exhale deeply, knowing you’re providing clients with high-quality tools and support.

Can you relate to any of these...

Super Hero: Invisible Woman

Like Sue Storm Richards the Marvel Superhero, you’re highly trained and capable, with no market visibility. You have the credentials, degrees, post-grad certifications and skills, and yet somehow still feel like the world’s best-kept secret. You feel invisible in a crowded marketplace, and reluctant to share your voice with the world because the last thing you signed up for as a therapist was to be some kind of “influencer.” You became a therapist or a coach to help people integrate, grow, process, individuate and relate. You just want to be able to do more of that.

Hindu Goddess: Durga

Or maybe, you’re more like a Hindu deity, with many arms and faces. Your practice is booming and you’re getting referrals quicker than you can schedule appointments, but you’re burning out trying to juggle everything alone. You’re seeing one client after another, trading time for money with no clarity about how to grow your business without running yourself into the ground. You’re scrambling behind the scenes because there are no reliable systems in place to attract a consistent flow of new clients, or manage the ones you already have. You want to do meaningful work and earn enough money to pay off student debt, support yourself and enjoy your life, but you just can’t see how, without trading more of your time.

You’re also tired of conferencing with yourself…you crave the support and connection that a broader community of therapists offers.

Entrepre-curious: Disney’s Luca

Curious but cautious? Know there’s more available to you in private practice, but working in a clinic because you’re not sure where to start? Caught between the archetypal energies of employee and explorer? Maybe you’re working for a clinic and contemplating branching out, or maybe you’re doing your own thing on the side because you’ve started to wonder if the clinic’s fees are really worth it. You’re not confident yet, because your business has no backend—meaning you lack the systems, processes and structure—and you don’t love promoting yourself on social media or dealing with all the tech-shaped question marks. So, what’s a seamonster to do?

If any one of these (or a bit of all three?) sound like you, we know exactly how to help. This is what we do, and we’ve done it for ourselves three times and hundreds of times with coaches and other Private Practice Rebels.

The truth is…

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into gathering the skills, tools, and unique perspective that can serve people in a deeply healing way, but you were never taught how to succeed in business as an entrepreneur.

We fill this critical gap by providing therapists with marketing strategies, business systems, personalized coaching, and a community container. Our goal is to help you build a highly profitable and deeply meaningful business that you love.

Our most successful clients are those who are open to doing things in an unconventional way, and excited to learn a new skillset— the art and science of entrepreneurship. They’re ready to embrace the challenges of becoming a real business owner, with the support and mentorship of an expert team.


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Expanded my mind

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$20,000 Launch

As a Soul Advisor

$62,000 in Sales!

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Transformed my relationship

with money and my self

Paid off $16,000 of debt

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This Course Changed My life


Launched a new business

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Yoga Teacher & Coach

Launched my own business

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